Christmas Around the World
Literacy and Social Studies Unit

 Grab your passport as you celebrate 
Christmas Around the World! 

I am very excited about this unit and I hope you are too!

First you will be introduced to each child as they tell you a little about their home country.
*For each country I tried to add a little about the major land forms, landmarks, and/or things that originated there.

They will then tell you about Christmas in their country, including interesting facts, decorations, food, and traditions.

You will review the information with three different worksheets....

...a vocabulary sheet and Write the Room activity...

...and a mini book about Christmas in that country.

*Here are some examples of the mini books when they are folded

You will compare all the countries learned using Venn Diagrams.
*There are 78 Venn diagrams total!

You will write about each country with list sheets and journal pages.

*There are different writing pages included for differentiation!

You will complete a craft or activity that goes along with some aspect of Christmas in that country.

Finally, when you are finished learning about the country, you will add a stamp to your passport.

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Ocean Unit
Literacy and Science Unit

I used this unit to teach my students about the oceans of the world and some of the different animals that live in them. 

I used the ocean animal charts and books to teach my students about different ocean animals.

I then assigned each student a different ocean animal and gave them bubble organizers to write 5 things they learned about their ocean animal.

I then had them pair up with another student who had a different ocean animal so they could compare their animals and fill in a Venn diagram with information from their bubble organizers.

This is just one of the many activities you can do with the materials included in my Ocean Unit!

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