Writing Center Word Lists

Adding word lists to your writing center helps your students spell words and think about different writing topics, making writing easier and more enjoyable for them. 

Included with each word list: 

• one full page sheet containing all the words
• word strips that contain pictures and words (one for each word)
• two lists that contain each picture and word 

There are currently 130 lists included in the BUNDLE!

Each word list can also be purchased individually! 

Check out the full list here!

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Interactive Quick Writes

Each theme comes with a list page, four writing prompts, and one full page writing sheet for your students to use to expand their writing on one of the topics. For example, Monday through Thursday, your students write one sentence about the topic of the day, then on Friday they choose one topic they wrote about and expand on it; writing another few sentences, or a complete paragraph. There are 16 writing prompts included for each month (September through May).

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Reading Comprehension Passages

These reading comprehension passages contain a story for each blend or digraph, and each story comes with two versions for differentiation!

One version has the story and a space to draw a picture about the story.

The other version has the story and three questions about the story, along with one vocabulary question.

Each story focuses on one blend/digraph, and contains common sight words and decodable words.

The 26 digraphs/blends and stories are: 
ch – Chad and Chuck
sh – Sherry’s New Shirt
th – Thor and Thea
wh – Whalen the Whale
bl – Blake the Bluff
br – Bree’s Brisk Jog
cl – Clappy the Clown
cr – The Cricket and the Crow
dr – Drea’s Drawing
fl – Flora’s Flowers
fr – Fred the Frog
gr – Grazing Gracie
gl – Glittery Globe
pl – Planning a Play
pr – Prescott and Prestin
qu – Queenie’s Quest
sc – Scott Gets Scared
sk – Skip’s Sketches
sl – Sleepy Sloth
sn – Sneaky Snake
st – Stella and Stan
sm – Mr. Smith
sp – Spindly Spider
sw – Swane and Swana
tr – Tricky Troll
tw – Twiggy and Twilly

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CVC and CCVC Passages here!
CVCC and CCVCC Passages here!
CVCe and CCVCe Passages here!
Vowel Digraphs and R-Controlled Vowels here!


Sequencing Stories

There are three activities included in this packet for differentiation. For one activity, students read the short paragraph, then cut and paste the story pictures in order. 

For another activity, the students look at the pictures in order and write their own story using the words first, next, then, and last. 

For a third activity, students put the pictures in order, and then verbally tell their own story. 

The picture cards of all the pictures used in the sequence stories are included.

There are 12 sets of sequencing stories included in this packet:
*Making a Sandwich
*The Apple Tree
*Growing a Pumpkin
*Making a Snowman
*A Chick Hatches
*A Caterpillar Grows
*Fall Leaves
*Work on the Farm
*Ready for Snow
*Ready for Rain
*At the Park
*The Wizard of Oz

Get part 2 of these sequencing stories here!
There are 12 sets of sequencing stories included in this packet:
*Going to Vote
*Going to the Beach
*At the Bus Stop
*Planting a Garden
*The Birthday Cake
*The Leprechaun's Gold
*Eating Spaghetti
*Packing My Backpack
*The Storm
*The Family Dinner
*Good Night and Good Morning
*At the Pond
In this packet, students sequence a story using the words first, next, and last. There are three activities included in this packet as well. 

There are 12 sets of sequencing stories included in this packet:
*The Apple
*The Fall Tree
*A Sunflower Grows 
*A Frog Grows Up 
*The Puddle 
*Reading a Book 
*In the Morning 
*The Door 
*The Little Girl 
*The Little Boy 
*In Outer Space 
*At the Zoo

There are two versions of sequencing stories included in this packet. One uses the words first, next, and last, and includes three pictures, and one uses the words first, next, then, and last, and includes four pictures.

There are 6 sets of sequencing stories included in the First, Next, Last packet:
*Go to Sleep, Bat
*Go to Sleep, Bear
*Go to Sleep, Chipmunk
*Go to Sleep, Hedgehog
*Go to Sleep, Raccoon
*Go to Sleep, Snake

There are 6 sets of sequencing stories included in the First, Next, Then, Last packet:
*Bat Goes to Sleep
*Bear Goes to Sleep
*Chipmunk Goes to Sleep
*Hedgehog Goes to Sleep
*Raccoon Goes to Sleep
*Snake Goes to Sleep


Word Sorts

Word Sorts can be used to help students analyze words by recognizing the similarities and differences in the selected group of words. Included in this packet are 22 Word Sorts for words that contain long and short vowel sounds, as well as a few other vowel digraphs.

The Word Sorts include:

Short Vowels (CVC Words):
Short a (-an, -ap, -at)
Short a (-ab, -ag, -ack)
Short e (-ed, -en, -et, -ell)
Short i (-in, -ip, -it)
Short i (-ig, -ill, -ick)
Short o (-ob, -op, -ot, -ock)
Short u (-ug, -un, -ut, -uck)

Short vowels with beginning blends: 
Short a (-an, -ap, -at, -ab, -ag, -ack)
Short e (-ed, -en, -et, -ell)
Short i (-in, -ip, -it, -ig, -ill, -ick)
Short o (-ob, -op, -ot, -ock)
Short u (-ug, -un, -ut, -uck)

Long Vowels:

Long a (-ai, a_e)
Long e (-ea, -ee)
Long i (i_e, _ind)
Long o (-oa, o_e)
Long u (-ui, u_e)

Other Vowel Digraphs:
oo (as in book and moon)
ou (as in cloud and soup)
ow (as in cow and snow)
au, aw, ew
oi, oy

Some word sort pages contain two sorts and an "oddball" category. Any words that do not fit into one of the two categories listed will go into the oddball category.


Daily 5 Word Work Bundle

Practice and review Word Families (CVC, CVCC, and CVCe), beginning blends, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, and vowel digraphs with these worksheets! They can be used during Daily 5 Word Work, Literacy Stations, morning seat work, for extra practice, or as a review for homework.

The 24 CVC Word Families include:

The 15 CVCC Word Families include:

The 15 CVCe Word Families include:

The 21 Beginning Blends include: 

The 20 Digraph worksheets include: 

Words that begin with: 
ch – 3 worksheets 
qu - 1 worksheet 
sh – 3 worksheets 
th – 2 worksheets 
wh – 2 worksheets 
wr - 1 worksheet 

Word that end with: 
ch – 2 worksheets 
sh – 4 worksheets 
Th – 2 worksheets 

The 12 R-Controlled Vowel worksheets include:

ar - 3 worksheets
er - 2 worksheets
ir - 2 worksheets
or - 4 worksheets
ur - 1 worksheet 

The 28 Vowel Digraph worksheets include: 

/ai/ - 3 pages
/ay/ - 1 page
/au/ - 1 page
/aw/ - 2 pages
/ea/ - 3 pages
/ee/ - 3 pages
/ew/ - 1 page
/oa/ - 2 pages
/oi/ - 1 page
/oy/ - 1 page
/oo/ (like zoo) – 3 pages
/oo/ (like book) – 1 page
/ou/ (like out) – 2 pages
/ou/ (like you) – 1 page
/ow/ (like cow) – 2 pages
/ow/ (like snow) – 1 page

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