Body Systems Project

Teach your students all about the systems of the body with this life-sized project!

I taught this as a week-long unit about the body. First, I traced each of my students onto large butcher paper and had them cut their body out. I allowed them to pose any way they wanted to make it more fun! 

The next day we learned about the brain and senses. I had them color the brain, draw their face, and trace and cut-out their hands. They then glued those pieces onto their body cut-out.

Over the next three days we learned about the heart and lungs, the digestive system, and the bones and muscles. Each time we learned about a different body system I had my students color, cut-out, and add that part to their body cut-out.


At the end of the week I displayed their bodies around the classroom.


Life Cycle Crafts

Students cut and paste the pieces to make the craft, then draw or color the life cycle right on the craft! My students loved making these and I know yours will too! Click on the pictures to see a preview of each one in my TpT store. See the bundle here!

Pumpkin Life Cycle Craft

Apple Tree Life Cycle Craft

Sunflower Life Cycle Craft

Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

Moth Life Cycle Craft

Ladybug Life Cycle Craft

Dragonfly Life Cycle Craft

Chicken Life Cycle Craft

Frog Life Cycle Craft
Bee Life Cycle Craft
Penguin Life Cycle Craft
Bat Life Cycle Craft
Owl Life Cycle Craft
Sea Turtle Life Cycle Craft

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